Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Margie and Me - Woven is Me

Sorry I didn't post my Margie and Me challenge yesterday, but it was Memorial Day and I didn't really do much of anything, and boy was it nice!
Alright, before I tell you what this week's challenge is, I have to show you this necklace that I finished and listed on Saturday.
I call it Vintage Shimmer. It's made of tiny little beadwoven rosettes that hang from tiny little antique brass birds, with layered chains for a little glam. It's elegant enough to wear to a wedding or IN a wedding, but would look so feminine with a frilly tank top and jeans.
Okay, anyway, the challenge for this week is #130, Woven is Me. I chose this one because it's composed of mustard yellow, olive green, coral, taupe, and just a shot of blue. The colors reflect the colors of Persian rugs created in Iran.

I was lucky enough to visit a couple shops in Abu Dhabi that carried these handwoven rugs. They really are beautiful and the colors are so rich with such intricate designs. It's amazing to think that someone can create such intricate patterns on these rugs. I wonder if they follow a pattern??

This photo better illustrates the color palette that Margie is talking about in #130.
Okay, since I didn't post the challenge until today, I'm gonna give myself until Sunday to create something. Let me know if you wanna play along!
Enjoy your TUESDAY!


  1. I can't wait to see what you create! I collect mostly Persian & Caucasian rugs. This *bad* habit was inherited from my mom. I hate to put furniture down because the center medallions are so beautiful. Since I've been bead weaving I do find it difficult not to stare at the rugs all the time.

    I've been having fun playing with your peyote swirl from Beadwork. It took a while, but finally landed on a shelf in my little corner of the world. Great directions!

  2. This is a stunning necklace, I would love to know how you made your rosettes! Can't wait to see your challenge piece.

  3. Oooh, pretty! So delicate and feminine, beautiful work!

  4. hello gorgeous! am LOVING the Vintage Shimmer necklace - it looks so decadent!!

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :o)

    hope you have a great day today, whatever your plans are!


    hello gorgeous xxx