Saturday, June 5, 2010

Margie and Me - Woven is Me - Part 2

I know I said I was gonna give myself until Sunday, but I got this finished, so I figured I might as well go ahead and post it. This week's inspiration was Margie's color palette entitled "Woven is Me" and her inspiration was the beautiful colors in the persian rugs.
Using the picture of the rug that I gave you guys last week, I really wanted to use the shape and pattern as inspiration for this challenge. I decided to go a little more muted with my colors than Margie had, but I still included those great olivey greens and the splash of blue with just the hint of corally pink.

I call it Persian Rugs because I really feel like it looks like four persian rugs all sewn together.

I've also been playing around with ring designs lately. This is the first. Very rich, very royal. sparkly beads and faceted glass with a Marquis shape reminiscient of a French princess.

And then there's this one, kind of bright and very summery. Almost like Panetone was brought in to update Guinevere's wardrobe.

Beaded rings are so much fun to create. I can usually make a good one in about an hour and I get so many compliments when I wear them out. They're very unique and you're definitely not going to see someone else wearing your ring.

Alright, enjoy your weekend and I'll post the new Margie and me challenge on Monday!


  1. Una belleza tus trabajos.

  2. Hello! Tus trabajos son muy bonitos. Saludos From Spain. Encarni

  3. Love this one too! Heep showing me more and more and more........ ;)

  4. Great works again! I love them all :)