Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I learned while cleaning out the garage...

1. Do not pick up a box unless you are prepared to deal with what is hiding behind it.
2. A shop vac is a girl's best friend.
3. If you haven't used that tennis racket in four years, chances are you will not start using it this year.
4. I have a paint gun.
5. Garages should be called Wildlife Preserves because that's where all the strange and wonderful creatures in my yard live. ("Where's your car?" "Oh, I parked it in the Wildlife Preserve")
I also stayed up 30 min. past my bedtime to do this:
Wanna see the whole thing??! Well, you're just gonna have to click on it, and leave a comment, because I think it's the coolest treasury evah!


  1. Great list! Thanks for the smile!!!! :)

  2. Oh, and I meant to add that the treasury is just lovely. I still can't figure out how to do those things . . . .