Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art Bead Scene and Beaduhs Beaduhs

First up, for those of you who've always wanted to try beadweaving but never quite had the courage, I worked up a little beadweaving tutorial on the Art Bead Scene blog today. This is a photo of the bracelet that the tutorial will teach you to make.

I call it Art Bead Spiral, and it's in my shop as of today.

This is a variation of the same technique, I call it Rusty Vines, I've also dropped it in the shop. Both of these bracelets use beads from the super talented Elaine Ray. I do hope you'll check out the tutorial and really give beadweaving a shot.
Also, I've had a request for some beaded beads, well, actually, I got a lot of requests for them after the Bead Soup party, and I finally got around to making a few. I've got two sets in the store. These are Sunshine Yellow beaded beads.

These are Pink Lemonade. They are both made with a wooden core bead and so super addictive.
Oh, and as for my blog title. My little nephew calls them "Beaduh Beaduhs" and often joins me on my trips to the Beaduh Beaduhs store. :) Hope everyone has a great day, I'll be cleaning out the garage!

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