Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tip Wednesday: Learn a New Skill

I'm about to admit something very shameful for a jewelry designer. Are you ready? Here goes...

I can't wire-wrap my way out of a paper bag. Don't believe me? Here's the proof....

Click on the pictures and see if you can get a real good look at the disaster at the end of that bead cap. Yeah, uh-huh, it's a train wreck. So, my tip for today is not just for you, it's also for me. Learn a new skill! I've decided that in order to take my jewelry design to the next level, I need to add some skills. I think wire wrapping is a great place to start.
So, my next question, how does one do this? Well, that's where Bead and Button Magazine comes in. Check out this page full of great videos to help you learn all sorts of wire-wrapping techniques.
Once you're there, check out the little links to the left. B&B offers all sorts of videos to take your jewelry design to the next level.
So, here's my question, just to get you thinking...What new skill do you want to learn? What is your weakness as a designer? Where do plan on getting info to help you build your skills?
Before I go, I wanted to tell you about a great giveaway. Carol Dean Sharpe of Sand Fibers is giving away one of her famous triangle pendants. Visit her blog for more info and how to enter. Have a great day and remember to try something new.


  1. Wire wrapping is something that took me a long time to learn. But once you learn it becomes a little second nature, even addictive. Start with inexpensive copper. The way I learned was to do the same thing over and again. I'm not an expert but it is easier now.

  2. La practica repretitiva hace la diferencia. En mi caso lo he experimentado con el knitting. Practica y repeticion muchas muchas veces!!! La tecnica que mas dificil se me ha hecho es el soldering. Bueno pero la verdad es que solo lo he hecho una vez. No he tenido el tiempo para intentarlo nuevamente. He adquirido varios libros para leer mas sobre la tecnica. De hecho se me ha hecho bien dificil conseguir libros al respecto y no he conseguido ni un solo tutorial en la internet.

  3. Well, I can't do anything worth a darn with seed beads! I do love to wire wrap and was fortunate to learn in person from a master so that's definitely a strength for me. I've done a little of almost everything else but still find wire as my comfort zone, so I'll stick with it!