Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beaded Flower Challenge

Have you ever visited Beading Daily? If not, you should definitely check it out. It has a ton of resources for beaders at every level, including free projects!
Recently, in the forums, Beading Daily hosted a Flower-Inspired challenge. I don't normally enter challenges, and in fact, this is the first that I've ever entered, but voting starts today! My entry is in the Experienced Beader category and I would love your vote. I'm not going to post the picture of my entry here because I don't want to sway your vote. However, if you want to go look at my Flickr page, and then hop over to the Flower-Inspired Challenge Gallery I think you can put two and two together! If you haven't joined yet, it's going to ask you to before you can vote. I know it's a pain, but one of the upsides is some great weekly e-mails with everything from links to resources all the way to entire free beading projects. It's well worth your time to sign up.
(P.S. Be sure to look through all the entries, there is some amazing work in there.)
Photo from National Botanical Garden, Washington DC

For your ticker: Okay, last thing...Here's what I learned at Cardiac Rehab. There is some surprising new evidence linking calcium intake to the strength of capillary walls. Meaning that if you are getting enough calcium, it's helping your bones and the walls of your veins and arteries so.....Got Milk?

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  1. Tu Daisy bracelet es hermoso. Muy lindo. Suerte!!! Ya yo hice mi voto!!!!