Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday already?

Whew! Monday already? I dunno bout yous guys, but my weekend just flew by! What did I do? Well, first of all, I took some photos of a necklace I made a while ago for my sister. I call it "Pearl Play". It's not made with pearls, but with semi-precious stones, however, it looks like one of those cute little retro pearl necklaces just with brighter colors. I also submitted it to Lark Books. They are going to publish a book called 30-minute necklaces and they have a call for submissions out right now. Here's the link: 30-Minute Necklaces The bad news is that the deadline is today, but the process to enter is pretty easy, so if you've got the time and a quick project on your hands, go ahead and send it in, it couldn't hurt to try.

Pearl Play
I also submitted my entry for the Beadwork Pattern Play Challenge. My inspiration was a shirt that I purchased at Old Navy. I loved the bright colors, and the seahorses. :) I bought the shirt long before Beadwork issued the challenge, and I had planned for a long time to make a bracelet to go with it, but when I got the info about the challenge, I kicked my butt into gear and used a variation of circular peyote/brick stitch to create beaded circles based on the ones in the pattern. I also used hook and eye closures to fasten it so that it looks seamless when worn. I think it turned out well! We'll have to see what the Beadwork editors think. I tell you what, I've seen some entries from other similar competitions, and there are some SUPER creative people out there. So, good luck to all.
Have a great day! (I'll probably spend at least an hour of it streaming an episode of Seaquest from Netflix with my mom. Anybody wanna join?)


  1. Your beaded bracelet is awesome!!! In fact, I'd love those patterns as ceramic tiles! Good luck with your entries :)

  2. I love that beaded bracelet with the t-shirt! What a cute outfit! That's so fun. And I love your new blog background, too! :)

  3. You guys are great! Thank you muuuuuucho!!