Monday, February 7, 2011

Tilas and Bead Soup and Me and Margie and YOU

Okay, I know that I promised to work on the tutorial for the Tila beads in the flower shape and to get it finished, and I will, te lo prometo, but I had to finish this tutorial first.
I call it the Arte Deco Cuff and it features the new Tila beads in a design that is really slick and on the modern side of the fashion spectrum.

I really like this design, it has a lot of options for embellishment. (However, I will say opaque beads do not photograph well!)

The tutorial is available here in my shop and in the tutorial I've included a couple ways that you can work a little outside the basic stitch to embellish the edges and also the center of the cuff.
And, like I normally do when I add a new tutorial, I've got it listed at a special introductory price, but only for 24 hrs.

Also, I finally took a photo of my bead soup! My partner for this round is Grace and she sent me the loveliest focal from Lisa Peters and some gorgeous little beads in a complimentary green with a little shot of pink. These are definitely not my usual colors, but I'm excited to work with them. Thanks Grace!

Also, just so you know I haven't completely forgotten, this is my Margie and Me sneak peek. The little component is from Nancy. It's the first piece of hers that I've ever owned, so I gots to do it justice, because she has definitely set the bar high!
If you've got a Margie and Me sneak peek, leave me a comment with a link to your site! (For some reason, my linky thing isn't working at all!)

Okay, finally, last week I reached 250 sales and it really made me smile and I wanted to do something special for my customers, so here's the deal...
for the next two customers who purchase something non-tutorial from my shop, you'll receive a $25 gift certificate absolutely free. You can use it for yourself, or give it to a friend.
It will arrive in your inbox as a PDF file, so you can print it out and give it away in a card, or simply forward it to that special someone's inbox along with a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks so much guys for 250!
Have a great Monday!


  1. I loooove that bracelet, Marcie! So elegant. Art Deco is a perfect name.
    I think I will have to go and get my Tila beads finally to give it a go. And know I basically never follow a tutorial or copy a design. But I have to with this one. Of course I will choose other colours, but anyway ... :-)

    I've been so keen on the Tila beads ever since I first saw them, but never actually got around purchasing any. Now I will. Thanks for sharing.

    All my best,

  2. Love the colors in your soup! Congrats on 250 sales, that's fantastic!

  3. Hey Marcie! What a gorgeous job with those Tila beads. I love your detail with the black findings too. That piece is sharp. I have a snippet of my sneak peek here:
    Congratulations on 250 sales!

  4. Very nice bracelet. I would say it is modern art too.

    Here is my not so much progress sneak peak link.

  5. I love your Tila piece! It's very cool.

    I haven't gotten very far with my Margie & Me piece, but here is a sneak peek anyway;

    By the way, I got the Snowy Peaks pendant today and I LOVE it! I hope I get the other stuff soon so I can start the assembly of the necklace! Thank you!

  6. My preview is online, too. A little late, but better than never. :-)