Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why I want to speak three languages.

I've been asked more than once, "Do you speak French?" and
I suppose to the person asking this question it follows logically that she speaks English and Spanish and therefore must speak French.
Well, I don't, mostly because I always told myself that I wouldn't learn a third language (it would be Italian by the way) until I felt that I had mastered my second.

I've always felt the same way about jewelry. I didn't want to start a brand new hobby or medium until I felt like I had mastered my first.
Well, I'm beginning to reach a level of confidence with beadwork and beadweaving that makes me really feel like I've taken a huge step toward mastery. Now, mind you, I am by no means a master, but when I see words like "right angle weave" and "herringbone" I no longer shudder in fear, and the word "advanced" no longer stops me in my tracks.

Which is why I went yesterday and bought this book:

Now, I know it's not Italian, but it is a completely new medium for me. You see, other than wrapped loops (which is kinda like chewing gum and walking) I haven't done any real wirework and the last time I tried, the tips of my fingers paid the price in blood.

So, the book has been bought and some goals have been made. (Mainly the goal of making my own components if nothing else.)
You see I want to take what I do well, and meld it with a new medium. I want to see little beaded components nestled neatly in little handmade wire wrapped baskets or suspended from equally intricate wire-wrapped frames.

And last night while flipping through the pages, I felt like a complete newbie again, with words like "forged", "annealed" and "tumbled" once again making me feel amateur trepidation.
So, this afternoon, or maybe tonight will be spent in some serious wire purchasing and I fully intend to buy one of those little steel blocks that you can really release your frustrations on.
And who knows, maybe in a month or two, you'll see a little Italian thrown in here with all the English and snippets of Spanish!
So, what new language are you learning?

Oh, and also, I did create a treasury yesterday with some of the inspiration colors from our first Margie and Me palette. Modern Teal is here if you want to see the whole collection.
Oh, and by the way, my previous offer still stands, the next person to buy jewelry from my shop will receive a $25 thank you in the form of a gift certificate.
Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. I think this is a wonderful way to extend your bead work. I can imagine where you might go with wire work and beads. You will love the bench block and hammer. Very therapeutic.

  2. I've just started making my own bead caps and ear wires... gives me a great sense of pride that I can now create the whole piece. I love my new disc punch!

    Good luck, you'll have so much fun :0)

  3. I would love to know languages! I took French in High School and one year of Spanish in college but I can't do much. I can usually read it with great inflection but have no clue what I am saying! I want that book! I have been lusting after it for months. Now that it is out, I might have to use those Amazon certificates that are languishing in my wallet from Christmas!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Hello Marcie!
    You are a unique artist in handmade beading jewelries and that's for sure!
    I can't wait to see your wire work and your new ideas! I started to learn some wire tips lately and i love it a lot! Good night to you! :)

  5. Oh WOW I can not wait to see what you create and if you mix it all up (beadweaving and wire) I know it will look amazing if you do.