Saturday, January 22, 2011

Studio Saturday

I know it's been two weeks since I last had a Studio Saturday, and you would expect that I might have gotten more done, but I spent a good chunk of that time working on Charlotte. If you've never made a tutorial, allow me to say it is a time sucker, but well worth it in the end.
Okay, here's what I did get done. I call this necklace Difficult Times. It's a brick stitched design encircling a tiny gear that I've turned into a clock. The hands really move, so you can set it to whatever time you'd like.

I also finished a new set of Sparkly Copper Bobby Pins. These are really delicate, but they look so good just pinned to the side. It's just enough to hold back some unruly bangs and every time that I wear a pair of these I get so many compliments on how they look.

I also listed these extra little beadies that I had left over from the necklace that I made for my mother. They are the perfect size for earrings or to dress up a bracelet or necklace design. I had intended on creating something else with them, but my idea fell through, so if you'd like them they are yours. You can find them here.

These two are for a custom order for a very special client. I've got two more to make for her before I pack 'em up and ship 'em her way.

Okay, here's what I'm most excited about. I really love these little rings. I've never actually sold one, but I really enjoy making them and I've never seen anyone else doing anything like this. (Probably because it could cause blindness trying to see the little shapes that your cutting and pasting)
I call this first one Cafe del Sol. It's not so much a real place, but the suggestion of a real place, a memory caught in resin.

And Ye Ol' Scottish Castle. I can almost imagine walking through the porcullis and seeing the stones crumbling around my feet.

A Stop in Amsterdam was inspired by a long layover and a two hour tour of this bustling city with its row houses and waterways that were wider than most of the streets.

And the last one...The Parthenon as it must have looked if you were an Athenian thinking that you lived in an empire that would last forever.

Last but not least, the Margie and Me sneak peek! My Amazon-river inspired piece is actually done! My next goal is to create something for Dolores Hidalgo. I hope you're working on yours, and I'll leave the linky tool at the end of this post. If you've got a sneak peek, we want to see it!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. I love your mini-collages. I have been collaging a lot lately but on a MUCH bigger scale! Great work.

  2. I love the rings! Hey and that new header of yours is AWESOME!

  3. All of these pieces are just wonderful! You must be a very patient person, working with such tiny collages. It's really little pices of art, there. I'm not much of a ring wearer, but I can say that if you ever were to make it in a necklace form I would be very very tempted to buy one!

    I have been working on my Margie and Me piece, but I still have some work to do. Hope I can finish in time!

  4. Oooh! I just found the Snowy Peaks necklace in your Etsy shop! It is so pretty! Now I am in a serious "want it" state. I hope it's still there when I get my salary!

  5. I love those rings Marcie! Going blind making them is worth it, hehe! They are true little works of art!

  6. I simply love your little collage pendants! Thank you for sharing your talents and inspirational beaded creations :)