Thursday, January 20, 2011

Setting Goals

First of all, thanks guys for your response to the banner tutorial from yesterday! I'm so glad that it helped so many! Did you see Ms. Emma's new banner?! If you created a banner using the tutorial, leave me a comment and let me see it!

Okay, back to May, when I created my first tutorial, I was so excited. It was thrilling to see something that I had created become something that someone else would want to create.
So, I kept going, working hard to add new designs to paper and to share the creativity that was flowing from my fingers.

It really gave me a sense of joy to see what people were creating using my patterns. But, I wasn't content. If you've seen my work, you'll know it's very component oriented, meaning that I like to make smaller pieces of beadwork and connect them together to make larger pieces. (This is my current favorite.)

So, I set a goal for myself. To create an original design using a single weave, meaning I didn't want components, I wanted something that you could create with only one or two cuts of thread. The idea started to form in my brain about a month ago and after way too many sessions of trial and error, the idea finally became a reality.
I present to you Charlotte's Path.
She's delicate and feminine and each step sparkles as she moves. The best part?
My scissors only came out twice to finish her. She's deceptively simple, seriously, I think a beginner could create her without a problem.

The instructions for creating her are in the shop, and for 24 hrs. only, the price for this bracelet tutorial will be lower than all my others.
Call it a celebration of a goal finally accomplished and the satisfaction of an idea that became a reality.
Thanks, Charlotte.


  1. Beautiful! You had me at Charlotte... my favorite Aunt who inspired me in so many creative ways! Congratulations, Marcie!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Lovely bracelet design, and I love the color palettes that you've chosen. I know exactly how you feel about component-oriented beading - I think components are so satisfying because you can finish one in a sitting and feel quite accomplished. Congrats on making the transition to a single-weave design!

  3. Well done, my friend...this is yet another gorgeous design! (Stunning colourways too!) It is an extra special design as is represents a challenge overcome, a goal accomplished. Keep on pushing yourself, the sky is the limit!


  4. How wonderful! I love this bracelet, you did an excellent job.

  5. Soooo pretty - I may try this - I have all thumbs when it somes to seed beads but they can be soooo pretty ! Love this bracelet - your work is stunning.