Sunday, July 12, 2015

We are Star Stuff

We are star stuff.
Somewhere along the way, we've forgotten that. We traded star dust for chalk dust and sought to capture the eyes of man with a well-filtered selfie while forgetting the majesty we were born with.
We stare, night after night, in awe of the Moon, her ability to push and pull the oceans, to reflect and shed light where there is none, and even her ability to wax and wane, changing her shape to reflect the seasons and mark the passing of time.
She is unique. Callisto, Enceladus, Phobos...Saturn alone has 62 satellites but there is only one we call the Moon. She is a macrocosm of the microcosm we live everyday. We feel lost in a sea of seven billion moons, all circling different planets, but to someone or maybe a few someones, we are as majestic as that Moon and all her star stuff.
For someone, we move the tides of their life, pushing the waters down when they threaten to drown, giving light where there is none and if you look closely you'll see eyes gazing upward with the same sense of awe demanded of the Moon.
It doesn't have to be a child. I catch a glimpse of that gaze every now and then in my husband, my niece, even my mom when I've lifted a burden off her shoulders.
Remember who you were created to be and for whom your light was made to shine.  
Bring down the Moon.
She's got nothing on you.

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