Monday, July 7, 2014


Little known fact:
I'm from Alabama.
Or maybe you did know that.
Either way, I've spent the majority of my life living right around that top rivet you see in the photo below.

We only moved to my current home a mere 9 nine years ago (wow, has it been that long?)
I remember spending part of a semester in the 9th grade studying Alabama history.
It was actually very interesting. We took a journal and filled it out with the state's important information, learned a bit about the state govt. and studied famous Alabamians. (There have been a few, Helen Keller is my personal favorite)
I was homeschooled at the time so we also had the chance to travel a bit and visit some of the famous landmarks. I think it really helped me to have an appreciation for the place I lived and the people who lived there.

I'm slowly becoming more familiar with my current home and the summers are a wonderful opportunity to do so. My hometown has been around since the late 1700's and we still have buildings standing in this city that date back to before the Declaration of Independence.
I've enjoyed reading about the history of this place but also of Raleigh and Charlotte, and the islands that make up the outer banks.
Heard of Roanoke Island?
I'm sure you've come across the name Blackbeard?
North Carolina has a fascinating history.

I say this to say that I know your state does too, heck maybe even your town.
It's warm and sunny outside and now is the perfect time to play tourist in your own neighborhood.
Where do you live?
What makes it unique?
Who lived there first and why did they arrive?
I've got more states to make, North Carolina is definitely on my bench, and I've even got one of my favorite countries to work up. I think too often we get a bit of tunnel vision and get so focused on what's trendy and glamorous that we forget to enjoy what's unique about where we are.
I hope you'll take some time this week to live in your own home, to research the history and beauty that make up the place where you lay your head, and learn a little bit about where you are, even if it's not where you were born. 


  1. I would love one of Mississippi. Such beautiful work Marci. I hope you and yours are well! <3

    1. Awesome! Can you make the back piece in copper and the front piece in maybe in a red mud color or perhaps forest green? On a copper chain of course. I prefer a 20 inch chain or longer. My email addy is absynith @ gmail dot com. Let me know the price please :)

    2. Oh and the smaller the pendant the better LOL. I don't ask for much do I?