Sunday, July 13, 2014

A pound of feathers

 This entire collection was a test of my patience. 
The rivets were a bit difficult as they kept wanting to warp and slide and move around. 

I think I might have found a way to get them to stay in place and do what I command. 
It is currently one of my favorite designs. 
A lovely mix of metal and laminate and fulfills my need for gigantic chunky jewelry and my need to hammer on some copper while keeping the recycled laminate at the forefront of what I'm making.

 I've been thinking a lot about why I've been using feathers so much lately. It really has to do with some heaviness of heart that I struggled with this winter, but here's what I wrote in the listings: 

I've been using feathers and birds a lot lately in my work. I like the idea of something that floats above the forces of gravity. The wind filling the wings and taking the bird high above mountains, trees, the weight of this world. It's a weight we all feel and though we can't sprout wings to lift ourselves above it, we can be reminded to take our minds and hearts above those trees and above those mountains, to find the thing that lifts us up and defies the forces of gravity that pull us down.

 That's a feeling that's very real to me and I think all of us find a sense of awe and grandeur when we see an eagle or hawk so high above what we would consider the earthly domain. 

I think it says something about the power of flight that even DaVinci drafted flying machines and wanted to be above the tree line long before anyone had an idea that it could be done.

I haven't worn them all at once yet. (Though really, what's stopping me?) But I did make a couple in some colors that are just for me. ( I'll be sure and Instagram those later!) 

In the meantime, all of these can be found in the shop


  1. I have a thing for leather wrap bracelets right now. Yours are so cool looking! I will have to check out your shop :)

  2. You are really taking this to the next level, Miss Marcie! I love your ingenuity and style. Enjoy the day! Erin