Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I'm calling this the Gumdrop Ring.
You remember gumdrops, right?
The little sparkly things that looked like bullet tips and tasted like...ugh...(I was never a fan).

This little 6mm rose-cut Chryoprase reminds me of those little candies.

This is by far the smallest ring I've ever made and I so enjoyed the process.
I crafted the bezel, and filed away to get the smooth sides that I wanted.
(I'm not entirely happy with the height of the bezel, it went a bit wonky when I set the stone)

I suspended the bezel on 16g wire, so it's pretty thin, but sturdy and I hammered away at the band every so slightly just to get a bit of texture. 

I'm not overly happy with the finished product, but I know exactly what I need to change to make the next Gumdrops better and I do like the feel of the ring, the finish just needs a little work. 

I'm definitely planning on making a few more of these to stack around my finger.
I'm digging these options from Find Your Stone on Etsy, which color is your fav?
Pink Quartz?
(Hhmm...too Springy?)
Smoky Quartz?
(Definitely a Fall tone)

(Hhmm...Pumpkin Drops?)

Green Chalcedony
(This says Summer all over)

I think one of the reasons these are so fun to make is the instant satisfaction factor. I don't have a lot of time for making and creating lately (hhmm....no way new mama!) and it's fun to sit down at the bench and hammer out a ring in an hour or two and it still have enough color and style to be interesting and wearable.
I can't believe Fall is just around the corner, we've still had some sweaters here the past couple of weeks. (By that I don't mean articles of clothing, I mean days in which being outdoors can still cause a good amount of perspiration) However, I did drive through a little waterfall of leaves yesterday coming into the neighborhood.
It was a sweet reminder of the mercy of season change and I had to whisper a little Thank You, knowing this year I'll get to enjoy it (as opposed to last year when the pregnancy sickness kept me indoors).
I hope wherever you are, you're enjoying your season change (I know my Aussie buddies are saying goodbye to Winter and welcoming Summer!) in whatever way that means for you!


  1. Pretty! I love smoky quartz and the chyrsoprase. All would be lovely stacked together! Glad to know that your Muse comes to visit now and again! Enjoy the switch in weather patterns that is coming and hug that wee one for me! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. I love the Carnelian and Chalcedony. It's quite a warm one over here today - which I hope is not an indication of things to come as it's only just Spring! Totes know what you're talking about in regards to time to make things, it's the same on my end - instant gratification is the way to keep going right now lol :)

  3. That is really cool! I love the Carnelian and the Chalcedony, and they would be so fun to wear stacked.