Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tutorial Sale!

 I can't believe it's been over a month since I've checked in here! Where has the time gone?

The baby girl is growing like a weed and she's finally gotten into some kind of sleep schedule. (I'm not holding my breath, I know it'll change in another month and we're back to experimenting with sleep times!)

In the meantime, I've been spending any creative hours out in the garage sawing away on silver and copper and playing around with granulation (which I must say I DO NOT like).
I also signed up for Erin's Challenge of Travel
because I really miss challenging myself when I'm making things and I liked her idea of creating something that reflects the place you live in.

We've had some relatives in recently to see the baby and we've had the opportunity to play tourist in our own town, and I must admit, I didn't realize what a great place I lived in until recently.

Anyhoo...the news that you clicked the link for! I'm having a sale! I want to slowly move my tutorials from my supply shop back into my jewelry shop where they'll benefit from the great feedback that I've received over the years from my wonderful customers.

 So, I'm offering a coupon code for 50%, yep, you read that right, 50% off the cost of any of the tutorials in the shop. Here's the code:


The link to my shop is here and be sure that you type this code in at checkout to get your discount. This code will only be good until Saturday so spread the word! Oh, and it will work for tutorial bundles as well!

Please note, the bundles, with the exception of the ring bundle, are not instant download. As soon as I receive your purchase (and I'll check my e-mail throughout the day), I'll send you the tutorials that you requested in your bundle. But, for all other tutorials, you can purchase and download immediately and be on your way!

Please, please, feel free to contact me through my shop if you have any questions about the sale and also if you're having trouble with the instant download. Have a great day all and I'll leave you a snapshot of me and baby at a recent ice cream trip!


  1. Great shot of you and your little one! :) Can't wait to see your Challenge of Travel piece...I'm feeling Challenge challenged these days but hope to get back into it soon!