Friday, August 30, 2013

Challenge of Travel: North Carolina

Let me start by saying I am not a Carolina Girl.
I was born in a slightly more southern state and did not find myself in North Carolina until just seven years ago.
Nonetheless, she has swept me off my feet and I truly feel like the place where I live is my home.
This past year has really been wonderful for me as I've had the opportunity to see more of my state and really make myself familiar with some of the things it has to offer.
For our honeymoon, John and I went to Asheville. I had never been and it was exactly as I expected, a haven for the arts and crafts and a central location for exploring the North Carolina mountains.
We toured the Biltmore and took a zip-line tour with Navitat and spent the rest of the time browsing art galleries and indoor art markets.
The mountains were captivating and I can't wait to go back.
 The Appalachian Mountains
A little closer to home for me is the coastal region. I live close to Wilmington and a couple of months ago while we had family visiting for the baby, we took a couple of days to play tourist in my own town and I so enjoyed learning more about the history (Wilmington has been around since before the signing of the Declaration of Independence) and the current draw for the area (We have the largest sound stage outside of Hollywood!).
My view of the Atlantic
There is so much more to say about my state and not to sound like I'm being paid by them (because I'm definitely not!), North Carolina has a wonderful website for tourism where you can find all the information you'd ever want about visiting and even living here!

I know the real reason that you all came, and that's for the jewelry.
Here's my piece and let me tell you a little about my inspiration.

I wanted the capture the idea of living somewhere between the mountains and the ocean and I started by creating the shape of the pendant. I wanted the curve at the bottom to represent the ocean, the low lying swamps that dot the area around where I live. 

On either side, the copper juts back up into the air like the mountains, tall and firm and the sides pull in ever so slightly to mimic the peaks of the mountains.
I chose the dark green bead with it's various colors to represent the mountains, the green of the pines and the hints of orange that mark the beginning of fall.
The blue bead is, of course, the ocean and I love the fact that (although the camera doesn't capture it), there's a slight shimmer in the clay that reminds me of the sun glinting off the ocean surface.

Finally, I added a quote:
"My heart lies east between mountain and sea."

Technically, I'm proud of the way this pendant turned out, the copper was so much fun to work and the beads (by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wing Studio) are perfect representations of land and sea.
Artistically, this pendant represents exactly what I wanted it to, it is North Carolina for me.
I love my home and I'm glad that my little girl will grow up a Carolina girl.
I hope you'll visit Erin's blog to see the other creations and get inspired by the hometowns of other artists. You can find all of that here.
Thank you, Erin!


  1. Love the simple elegant design, Marcie, and the story behind it (and of course I recognized Rebekah's unique marbled faceted beads, the perfect choice to represent your theme!)

  2. Such a stunning representation of how you cherish your adopted state! We vacationed in North Carolina often when our kids were growing up and I have great memories of walking those beaches and hiking up to those mountain vistas!

  3. Your pendant is stunning - I LOVE IT! I think you captured North Carolina perfectly with this piece! I was in North Carolina in 2007 at Penland for a two week course and let me tell you I would have packed up and moved there in a heartbeat. One of my weekends there I went to Asheville and feel in love with that city. If I ever move again it will be to North Carolina!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous piece!

  4. We have spent numerous vacations in your state and always love he mountains. What a special the design!

  5. My daughter moved to North Carolina just this spring (oh so far away from home). She met us for our summer vacation in June where we explored the Blue Ridge Parkway and then headed east to Wilmington and Wrightsvill Beach. It was all so lovely and I can't wait to go again.

    Your pendant is just fabulous!! I love the thought you put into the design.

  6. Thanks so much for taking us along on your staycation. Love your piece and all the thought that went into it, very nice design.

  7. Your pendant is stunning, I love everything about it, design, colors, shape... It makes me want to visit North Carolina!

  8. Oh, how beautiful and unique. I think you've captured your home so well! Just amazing!

  9. Fabulous pendant Marcie and so congruent with your design intention!

  10. I loved your pendant when I saw the first picture, then, as I kept reading, I saw the quote on the inside and fell in love even more.

    It's just perfect, from the beads to the copper frame.

  11. LOVE the necklace, your pics make me want to visit the ocean! Nice Job!

  12. What an incredible location to live - the pictures are beautiful as is your design. You have certainly achieved your objective - it is an amazing piece. Bravo.

  13. You live in a beautiful state, I have very fond memories of spending a few days there a decade and more ago (oh the BBQ!). And I love how you have put together your necklace, it's fabulous!

  14. Your pendant stands out in the photos as such an interesting piece, but then I love copper, so I am drawn to it and love working it too. That photo of the beach made me so jealous. How inviting it looks. You are lucky to live there. Andrea

  15. Oh Miss Marcie! Your style is constantly evolving and changing and I love it! Hidden messages are so intriguing to me and this message is very personal. I love the modern interpretation of your beloved city, perfect medium and bead choices. I think that this is a place that I would love to visit! I was in Charlotte once a long time ago but saw nothing but my hotel. Maybe it is time to come back! I can't believe how late I am to my own party! Embarrassed really. My life has been on hyper speed. I am sorry that it took me so long to get around to all the great hometowns! I wanted to be sure that I could spend uninterrupted time enjoying them all! Thank you for joining me on the journey. Enjoy the day! Erin