Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day (A wee bit early)

This Valentine's wish actually comes from my mother.
I've told you before that she's the very talented creative gene behind whatever ability I received to make and create and for that I am very thankful.
A week ago she decided she wanted to decorate her mantle for Valentine's.
She ordered the sweet little string of light-up roses and off we went to Hobby Lobby to hunt down some deals in red, white and pink.

We were inspired to go kind of Victorian-esque and were lucky to find just about everything Valentine's related had been marked down.
So we snagged some little birdies to sit in little corners. 

And we picked up a few yards of red ribbon to embellish heart-shaped ornaments.

Two giant hearts flank the centerpiece with single red roses standing guard.

A couple of appropriately-themed candles were added to already existing candleholders and few little other Valentine knick-knacks fill in the empty spaces.
We didn't change the wall decor.
The picture of me at my wedding with my sisters was her Christmas gift and the cafe plates are part of the regular mantle decoration.
My favorite part of the Valentine mantle is the centerpiece.
We couldn't find anything at Hobby Lobby that we wanted to put front and center, and that also wouldn't break the budget.

we took these letters which happened to be on sale that day for $1.37 and bought a Valentine's stack of scrapbook paper for $5 and went to town with red paint and mod podge. Mom made the base for the letters using the same paper and a cardboard box that was lying in the recycling bin.
I love the way the letters turned out and am seriously contemplating the same project for the baby's room. I think it would be sweet to do her name and I heard once that mod podge will last a pretty long time and won't yellow.
In the spirit of Paula Deen...
"Happy Valentine's Day, y'all, from my mama's mantle to yours!"


  1. Wow a great focal for her house. Beautiful.

  2. Gorgeousness to the lovliest extreme!!

  3. That is so very sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too :)

  4. That is wonderful! And if you put some spray varnish (water based clear acylic) on top of the Modge Podge they will last forever!
    Nellie's Mom

  5. OMG I love it. My dad was born on Valentine's Day! I wish we had a mantle, but I decorate my book shelves -- books in back, trinkets in front!