Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Embroidery Made Easy E-course

So, you like bead embroidery, hmm?

You're intrigued by the endless possibilities of attaching beads to backing and surrounding them in layers of color to create beautiful and unique pieces of wearable art? 

You like the idea of stretching your creativity to include unexpected elements and you like the juxtaposition of the hard and the soft?

You've often admired the grand neckpieces or wide embroidered cuffs but you're really interested in the smaller things, shots of color to dot wrists or even hang from earlobes?

More importantly, you're ready to learn something new.
You want to stretch your creativity to reach outside the chain nose pliers and beading wire
 and you're also curious as to what you can do with those little seed beads besides stacking them head to tail on a piece of string.
Well, I've got just the thing.
A year ago, in answer to the myriad Etsy convos that I received asking me detailed questions about my materials and resources, color schemes and bead stitches, I put together my e-course on bead embroidery. I call it Embroidery Made Easy and while it is designed for the beginner, I also offer up some techniques and tips that are uniquely my own and will appeal to you even if you've dabbled in one of my favorite art forms.
I've decided to bring the course back for a series of Fall offerings
Here are the details of the class:
It's a bead embroidery workshop that you'll do from the comfort of your own home, using your own materials and creativity to create easy, wearable pieces of embroidery that can be completed in just a few hours.
Here's what you'll find in this course:
- Information on materials...beads, focals, thread, foundation...that you'll use to create your pieces. Along with websites to help you find your materials easily.
- Step by step instructions on the stitches you'll need to create your pieces, including two stitches that I've developed on my own which combine beadweaving with bead embroidery.
- Photos and videos taken by me to illustrate the techniques that I use in my own embroidery.
- Interaction with me and the other students in the class through postings and e-mail so that you can ask and answer questions. The format is designed to give you more time to explore the techniques on your own, and only requires as much interaction as you need so that you have time to create.
- Specific instructions to create the class project: The Sound of the Sea Pendant
- Information on expanding your knowledge to create embroidered pieces that can be worn as bracelets, rings, and even headbands.


- I am capping the number of students in each class to 3 so that I don't feel overwhelmed with the number of students and it will be first come first serve. I've found that three is a perfect balance of time spent giving feedback and addressing concerns and it gives the students the chance to interact with each other as well.
- If you don't get in the first time, don't worry, I'll offer it again for those that missed out.
- The official start date for the class will be Wednesday, Sept. 19th. One week from today.
- Sign-ups will start on Saturday, September 15th and I'll post on my blog that signs up have started and more information on how to sign up. You'll be notified either that day or the next as to what round of the class you were accepted into so that you'll have a week to gather materials and prep for the class.
- The class should take no longer than 10 days to finish and it could be finished in a week if you're really excited and motivated and the group wants to move more quickly.
- The class will be hosted through a private blog on Blogger. You will need an account with Blogger to access the course.
-I've decided to make the blog public until Saturday so you can get a little feel for the layout and how the class will generally be structured. You can visit the class here: Embroidery Made Easy
Spend a few moments browsing through the class goals and projects and check out my list of favorite resources. If you know without a doubt that you'd like to take the class, then you can go ahead and purchase the list of materials for the pendant project listed on the blog or gather similar materials that reflect your style.
Note: You do not have to maintain a blog, just an account through blogger so that you can comment and access the material.
- You will also need an account on YouTube as the videos will be accessible only if you have an account. (Because YouTube is owned by Google, if you have a Google ID, you should be able to access both Blogger and YouTube)
- The price of the course will be $45 and I'll send you more information on payment before the course starts and as I finalize the student list.
I do hope you'll join me for this class. I'm so excited to be offering it again.
I know I've gained so much knowledge from the past three sessions that I've done with students and it's been such an encouragement to hear their feedback and see how much they've improved in their bead embroidery and what they've learned about techniques and materials. It's a pleasure to share the knowledge I've accumulated over the past three years and to know that it's really bringing joy to a whole new group of artists.
I'm planning to send out an announcement about the class in my newsletter. You can sign up for that in the right-hand column of my blog if you'd like to receive the e-mail that way you can pass it along to a friend who might be interested in the class but not familiar with my blog.
If you have any questions you'd like to ask me that I haven't addressed here, please feel free to e-mail me: abney_m(at)
I hope to see you back here on Saturday!


  1. I really enjoyed taking this class. I really learned so much! Glad to see that its back!

  2. I took it as well, and loved every second of it! I still check back and watch the videos to refresh my memory on the edging techniques etc. Very well put together and informative!

  3. Tus trabajos son tan hermosos ...y tu forma de combinar es maravillosa!!! me encanto tu nueva coleccion de checos!! a mi me encantan desde mis comienzos los cristales checos.

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