Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sliver of Silver

This one is small, way smaller than what I'm used to.
We'll call it dainty.

I wanted the silver to look like it was blooming and growing up from the center stones and this was my first time setting a faceted stone.
The design was hand-drawn (you'll excuse the imperfections) and hand-cut (practice makes perfect).
It was a bit of a challenge knowing how high to cut the bezel to show off the facets.

I was also stumped by the back of a stone that didn't lay flat.
My solution was to make a little cradle to sit the stone in while I burnished the bezel.

The pendant itself only measures just under an 1 1/2", strung on dainty oxidized silver chain.

 A mix between Art Nouveau/Art Deco and Victoriana, it's definitely so far my favorite.

More silver coming soon...


  1. gorgeous. great solution for setting the faceted stone.

  2. Marcie, I think the dantiy pendant is beautiful. I really like the design and the stones are very pretty.

  3. Es una maravilla todo lo que haces, me encanta.
    It is a wonder all you do, I love it.

  4. Oh Marcie, you are coming on leaps and bounds. This pendant is totally stunning. I have to say I work small when using sterling, I'm so stingy ha ha, It's because I want it to go further, (it's sooooo expensive). I really love this. I tried working in metal today, Massive fail!! Never mind practice makes perfect.

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous, Marcie. I LOVE the design and your choice of stones. You've inspired me to go back to silversmithing, which I haven't done for quite a long time. Just beautiful, as always!

  6. Absolutely Lovely!! You've done a wonderful job ♥