Friday, October 21, 2011

Giving Handmade

I find that most of the people who give handmade also make handmade.
I know this has been true for me.
Every year when Christmas rolls around, I like to buy one item for my fam and then make an item for some matchy fun.

It saves some money on my part to make half of my presents and then the other half is used to support independent designers.
I've been doing some shopping and thought I'd put together some great combos featuring artist-made items from Etsy and jewelry created using my tutorials.

I'm still shopping and "favoriting" so this is by no way my complete shopping list, but I loved these combos and thought I'd share!

This warm orange combo features a dress by BrokenGhostCouture and my Charlotte's Path Bracelet.
I love her dress. It seems so light and it's all upcycled and I think with some warm tights and a chunky sweater you could switch it up for fall.

This next combo needs a soft black 3/4 length sleeve and a dark pair of jeans.
I've paired my La Catedral Bangle in Garnet with this super soft scarf from Windsongknits.
The great thing about giving accessories is that they can be worn with anything!

This next pair is one of my favorite colors.
I love this bright teal/turquoise combo.
My Arc Pendant is combined with a petite geometric ring from Little Cherry Hill.

Now, this one is not for everyone (neither in price nor in style). The first time I saw this dress I thought it was gorgeous. It has such presence and hearkens back to a medieval/guinevere-esque time when there really were knights in shining armor.
The dress is from Dig for Victory and I've paired it with Shooting Stars bracelet which captures the olive green of the skirt and the bright brass of the bodice.  

This one is a fun, bright geometric combo. I think the detail lines of the bodice are so interesting and I like the contrast of the curves in my Carnaval Pendant with the triangular shapes made by the stitching.
The top is from Out of Line and is available in a few different colors.

I hope you're planning on supporting independent designers this season and I hope you enjoy spending some free time creating your own gifts for friends and family.
To make it a little easier for you, I'm holding a special sale!


Purchase any tutorial from my shop and receive another tutorial of equal value absolutely free!
Simply purchase the tutorial and in the notes to the seller, give me the name of your second tutorial!

That's a BOGO for all you beadweavers out there!
Visit my shop here.

So spread the word and take this opportunity to get a jump on Christmas gift making!
Have a great day!


  1. Love the combinations! And I think your choices are great. Have a wonderful weekend, Marcie.

  2. Lovely combinations! The orange one and the green one are my fav for Autumn!

  3. You are so very clever! I love this idea. I may have to try it out myself!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Unos trabajos preciosos!! Me encanta todo lo que haces, color y modelo. Muchas felicidades.

  5. I like to take the time and create something from the heart too. I love the combinations you have put together! Great idea!

  6. wowwww.... is wonderfull. I loved. Greetings.