Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chinook Jewelry

My sister has been into long necklaces with little clusters of charms and mixed media pieces in easy colors. I'm having a great time pulling out the orphan beads and components floating around in my stash to create these charm necklaces that are light and easy to wear and reflect her personality.

So, when Mellisa of Chinook Jewelry sent me a couple of lovely ceramic pieces, I knew they would look great combined with a few other components to make one of those necklaces.
I used this gorgeous purple and pink button and combined it with a cute little ruffled beadwoven charm, an antique brass key and a round charoite round.

These are simple to make and look great as little clusters.
Try making a few of these to give as gifts this year by raiding your stash to create interesting and unique pieces. They are the perfect gift that combines color and meaning to create a necklace that's custom made for the wearer.

Mellisa has some gorgeous ceramic pieces in her collection that would make beautiful jumping off points for these little cluster necklaces.
To show you some options, I've put together a couple of collages with some color combos inspired by Mellisa's gorgeous pieces and the people I'll be creating for this Christmas.

The first is a bright and gutsy mix for the wearer who's not afraid of a little color and tends to walk to their own beat.
The Professor

(clockwise from L to R)
1. 6mm Crab Agate Rounds

This next grouping is a warm fall mix with a safe color palette but funky shapes and a steampunk theme that hearkens back to days gone by.
The Architect

(clockwise L to R)

The last is an intense mix of the deepest blues with a floral theme that captures the lightness of summer but is just deep enough to wear year round.
The Gardener.

(clockwise L to R)

So, who will you be creating for this Christmas?
Will you be using bright reds and oranges or deep dark blues and violets?
Will floral shapes dominate your bead table or are you looking for symmetry and geometry?

I hope these combos have sparked your imagination and happy creating this holiday season!

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