Saturday, July 23, 2011

Studio Saturday: Where I've been

Now is normally the time of the week when I get to show you all the new things I've been diligently creating. The beautiful pieces of embroidery, the set stones lovingly oxidized and polished by hand....

yeah...I got nothin'.
The metalworking has been a slow and creeping process. It seems so easy when I'm at my teacher's studio. The solder flows fluidly, the seems line up perfectly...and then I get home and wonder how many times you can actually pickle a piece of metal and not change its molecular composition.

Anyway, when I'm not working on metal, I've been working on another little project:
A bead embroidery e-course!
I field a lot of questions about my bead embroidery and it dawned on me that I could pass on all that knowledge at once when a wonderful bead buddy suggested to me that I create an e-course!

Here's what the course will contain:

- Instructions for creating bead embroidery projects from start to finish
- Videos, created by me, illustrating every step of the process
- Specific instructions on creating my Sound of the Sea Pendant:

- Information for bead embroidering in headbands, rings, bobby pins, pendants, bracelets, anything you can imagine.
- Specific edging techniques including picot and the chain edging that I've used above.
- You'll also be able to ask and answer questions about the process while trying out all the stitches.

It'll basically include everything I've learned and created in my process of working with Bead Embroidery.

I'll post more information later about the specifics of when it will start, cost, etc., but for today only I've opened it so that you can have a little sneak peek at the course site.

Click the link to take you to the sneak peek:

Have a great weekend all and I'll keep you posted next week for more details!


  1. This is great Marcie. I just finished another online course and it was fabulous. It really helped to see the techniques. And the chance to clarify questions was great. I look forward to enrollment day!
    Alice Howe

  2. An e-course is a great idea, Marcie. I'm sure many would love to learn your techniques and tips on bead embroidery. Good luck with the writing and look forward to it coming out!

  3. Ohhhhhhhh great !!!!!
    I'm very interested by
    Since a long time I want to leard the bead embroidery... and you as teacher... it would be paradise
    Let us know all the details !!!
    many kisses
    Hélène (Teddyheart)