Saturday, June 11, 2011

Studio Saturday: Ole!

My newsletter subscribers have already had the chance to see these beauties and they got a much more detailed description of the inspiration behind them and the color palettes, so I won't go into it again.
But this is what I finished this week.
I call this first one Flamenco Fan.

Can't you see a Flamenco dancer when you look at this? Fan waving, feet flashing as her hands keep time to the music?
It's a petite little necklace, and so I thought that it would be kind of understated, but I've worn it twice since I made it and have received compliments from random strangers both times.
What's the base?
A hammered and antiqued copper washer that's been sawn in half by moi! Yep, metal....and it turned out great.
It's here if you'd like to see more close-up shots of that washer.

This second one also had an interesting color inspiration (which I'll spare my subscribers the repeat) and I also used one of those copper washers.
It's a really dainty bead embroidered pendant with a dyed agate focal, but I suspended the whole pendant from the washer to give it a little more length and interest and then I handmade the entire chain for the necklace.
I call this one Cobalt Orange.

Last but not least, I have a couple of rejects!
Well, magazine rejects, I still love them!
They're both strung pieces, no beadweaving at all in either of them.
This first has kind of a dark edgy color scheme.
Deep teal beads and gunmetal gray in lengths of handmade chain suspended between two dyed gemstone beads.

The second one I created with vegetables in mind. A summer vegetable garden loaded with bright orange carrots sporting leafy tops.
The two little bright green beads on the end are mosaic turquoise and I used a garden-inspired clasp to finish it off. It's a gardener's bracelet and it has just the right amount of movement from the little wrapped dangles between each larger bead.
I haven't put either of these in the shop yet as I haven't had time to take Etsy-friendly photos.
(I call these my gallery photo shoots!)
But, I'm planning on listing them probably tomorrow.
If you'd like either of these, please let me know and I'd be happy to reserve the listing for you!

Oh, and thank you, thank you for your feedback on my question from yesterday. It helped immensely and I have some ideas that I need to work out that I'll tell you more about on Monday.

Also, if you signed up for the newsletter and aren't receiving it, please check your Spam folder, sometimes unknowns will get blocked by your e-mail provider!
Have a great weekend guys!


  1. Wonderful creations Marcie, I love the last bracelet it is yummy and reminds me of Peas and Carrots.

  2. You are like a machine! Love your inspiration pieces. Too bad about the rejections. I really like the blue strand.

  3. Que hermoso Marcie!!!! que bellos los colores y mezcla !!!

  4. Marcie, absolutely no "rejects" here! Your designs are all so unique and beautiful. I especially love your new Flamenco Fan design...what a gorgeous necklace and I love the color combination you used.

  5. PS, can you email me? Need your address so I can send your necklaces to you (FINALLY, eep).