Friday, June 10, 2011

In need of feedback

A few months back when Heather introduced her "Bead of the Month Club", I thought it was a great idea, kind of like a little club for beaders. Erin has a club also with her Simple Truths Sampler.

And if you search Etsy for of-the-month clubs you'll get everything from big balls of yarn to marshmallows to underwear to earrings.
But, one thing that I didn't really see was any kind of club for beadweavers. I'm thinking along the lines of a tutorial of the month club. A new design sent monthly with maybe exclusive colorways or variations that the regular customers wouldn't have access to.
So, my question(s)....
What do you think about monthly clubs?
Even if you're not a beadweaver, what would you expect to receive as part of a special club?
Are you part of a monthly club or have given one as a gift? How has the experience been and would you do it again?
I'm just curious to get your reaction, to see what you think and how you see it from your perspective.
I've personally never been part of an "of the month" club, and I don't have anything to compare it to, so I'm just looking for your feedback.
So, lemme know what you think!
Thanks in advance guys and have a great Friday!


  1. Oh Oh Oh when I was quilting I was part of a BOM club and for the most part I liked it. I will have to say that since I do finish more jewelry than I ever have quilting I would probably get more done IF I was able to join one. I think it is always cool to offer a one time purchase if you are into that.
    I think it would be best to include the specialty beads in a club as those are sometimes the hardest to get. And BTW I would love if you did one!!!

  2. I really like the idea of the monthly club: kind of like a subscription with a magazine but for beads. I've never been part of one but there is a UK-based beadweavers' club called The Acorn Club ( which I want to join asap (after I've moved house). The reasons I like it are because it's affordable, it's surprising, and you build up a collection of 'something' (whether that's beads or patterns) that help you with other projects too.

    I think that with the internet it's harder with monthly clubs because although designs are worth paying for, some people might feel that a monthly PDF (or whatever) with designs, etc, wasn't 'worth' the same amount as say, a bunch of beads. Maybe a monthly club where you get a different kit each month could be cool - that way you get the design and enough beads to make something interesting.

    The other aspect is cost. The Acorn Club sounds good for me because it's relatively low cost - I would love to join Heather or Erin's but at the moment I don't have that money spare. Maybe a monthly club with different financial options could be good: for example, the cheapest level 1 you get the pattern, level 2 you get the pattern and beads, and level 3 (the most expensive) you get pattern, beads, and something extra?

    It would be interesting to develop a beadweavers' monthly club and see people's input to this post. Glad you've written it (and sorry if I've blathered on...)


  3. Hello Marcie,
    I too have not been a part of a monthly club and this sound interesting to me. I agree with Elly about the different levels and I think that a month to month basis would be a good idea, because people including myself I may not be able to participate every month.

  4. I offered an Earring Kit of the Month with seed-beaded earring kits that were exclusive to members, either in terms of available colours or of designs that I guaranteed would not be available for a year afterwards.

    Since I teach two new classes a month at the local bead store, and since most of my subscribers were class regulars, it was sometimes difficult to come up with that many new projects that were sufficiently complex for BOTH the club and classes (I also have the regular full-time day job).

    I also had two teaching gigs away from home that year (at the Puget Sound Bead Festival, as well as a weekend of intensive beading in San Francisco), so I felt a little over-extended.

    Something else with which I struggled was pricing. I'm comfortable pricing a single kit or finished piece, but when you multiply by three or six or nine or twelve (I offered in three-month increments), the price just looks colossal, and made me a little nervous.

    That said, I rather enjoyed doing it, and may well do another "of the month" club again.

  5. I agree with Elly, I'd love to join in with Heather's monthly club but just can't afford to. I think that it would be brilliant to have a tutorial of the month club.

    I think if we could participate one month at a time that might be a good idea, but offer 3 / 6 / 9 month options. I'd love to be kept informed about this!