Saturday, May 21, 2011

Studio Saturday: Inspiration Pieces

I really focused on creating this week.
I've been spending a lot of time the past couple of weeks working on tutorials or on things on the computer, that this week I just wanted to make some new things.
Whenever I'm in need of some inspiration, I just pull out beads and start playing around to see what I can come up with.
Most of the time the beads just tell me what they'd like...and of course, I'm more than willing to follow.

This gorgeous medallion started out as a bracelet, I must have strung it a million times to force it to become a bracelet, but that's not what it wanted to be.

It was destined to be a necklace from the beginning, so I made it what it wanted to be.
You can read the story about the butterfly and the wildflower here.

It's starting to get hot in the NC and so it seemed appropriate to create something inspired by lemons and limes, both summer citrus fruits.
This version of my nesting bracelets features new jade rounds and african opal ovals and lime green!
I call it Lemons and Limes.

I also put together this snazzy ring. The focal is a vintage czech glass cab which is who knows how old. It's a little rough around the edges, but I've set it with these deep purple seed beads and some sparkly gunmetal for a real stunner.

I'm also working on some more steampunk pieces.
This bangle won't be going into my shop, (I have other plans for it!) but it was inspired by my recent foray into the Steampunk rings.  

Like my other salvaged watch pieces, it's only right twice a day (but pretty stinkin' cute all day long!).

I also put my Busy as a Bee bracelet back in the shop. It was missing for a little hiatus to appear in the May issue of Bead Trends!
If you haven't checked out that issue yet, you should, I am so completely impressed with the photography and the designs from other designers.

Okay, last thing that I created this week was a custom order of picture frames for a very special customer.
She told me to surprise her on color, so I made this teal/bronze version just for her.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!
Be sure and stop by next week for some exciting news!
Oh, and don't forget about Margie and Me! I hope everyone is enjoying the color palettes and working away.


  1. Oh Wow you are truly an amazing beadist, love, love, love all of your creations. It's amazing how beads just will not behave if they do not get their way LOL, but once you give into them the results are fantasic.
    Oh and I can't hardly wait until the reveal of the Margie and Me challenge to see what you and everyone else has done.

  2. All beautiful but I LOVE that ring! Your so talented!

  3. I LOVE the honey bee bracelet. How lovely!
    I'm working on a honey bee themed necklace too.
    Really really neat designs. Such a pleasure to read your blog Marcie.

  4. what beautiful creations, i love them all

  5. Beautiful pieces! It's hard to choose a favourite here :) I really like them all so much!

    Is it tomorrow we're posting the Margie and Me's?

  6. I crazily like your designs.The wrist watch has the killer looks and also the deep drawn butterfly pendant...good to wear it with deep neck tops.