Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Etsy Celebration

I am just a couple of sales shy of 400 in my Etsy shop!
I'm really overwhelmed by the generosity and support that you guys have shown me over the past year and a half, so I'm having a little celebration to say thank you!!

Use the coupon code:


and you'll receive 15% off all orders from my shop!
Tutorials, jewelry, everything!
Be quick, because this offer is open only until June 1st.

Also, what does DuPont have to do with metal detectors and lower prices???
Well, if you'd like to find'll just have to wait until later today when my newsletter goes out!
If you're not in on the secret, you can sign up here:

Also, be sure to come back on Friday for the Artisan Clay Design Team round-up
and then on Saturday for Margie and Me!!
(There might be a giveaway thrown in there somewhere to stay tuned!)

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  1. Congrats Marcie - wow! 400! Remember, good products sell. :)

  2. Congratulations Marcie! I so think you deserve it - and I'm sure people will continue to love your stuff! :)

  3. Marcie - happy to join in on the celebration. Congratulations! Keep it going.

  4. Ace work on your shop: I wanted to comment too as I've signed up for your newsletter and just received the latest edition. A while ago you blogged about lucite beads and it started me browsing some of the shops you mentioned...and as your newsletter arrived in my inbox, I had JUST sent an order in for a whole batch on Etsy! So thank you for turning me on to this material and these sort of beads: I'm excited to be working with them soon!

  5. You deserve this moment and I am sure that 400 more will soon follow! You make beautiful things. They are unique and updated and fresh. I love them. I own some. I can't wait to work with them.
    Enjoy the day!