Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sutdio Saturday: Newness in the Shop!

I'm really excited about today, because I finally have some brand new things to add to the shop!
I worked really hard this week to make some brand new creations.
The shop has really been missing some new beauties so an infusion of beautimousness is what it needed. :)

First up is a sweet litle bead embroidered pendant featuring a couple vintage lucite beads.
I call it Old, New, Borrowed, Blue and it's a little more "traditional" maybe than what I normally create, but I love the soft colors and I think that this shade of denim blue looks great with the long copper chain. It's in the shop here if you'd like to see more pictures.

I also got hit by the stringing bug this week. guys know that I can't do anything without adding a little beadweaving into the mix, plus, there are so many wonderful artists out there doing stringing work that I want to set my pieces apart just a little. I think adding the little beaded beads does just that.
This bracelet also features a little vintage lucite and it's here in my shop as well.

This piece was inspired by a pendant that I created some time ago.
I've had a couple of these cinnabar beads hanging around for a while and I really like this mix of the bright red with the turquoise.

This pendant is a little smaller than some of my others, but I think that the colors make such an impact and I strung it on a short leather cord so that it hangs just below the collar bone.
I call it Short Trip to China and it's also in the shop.

Last but not least, I listed the little bangle that I created on Wednesday.
I call it the Yellow Bird Bangle.
I really like finding new ways to use bead embroidery and this turned out exactly as I had pictured it.

It's a great mix of the hard copper wire with the soft embroidery and silk ribbon running along the edges. I also like the sweet little hidden birdie on the back of the medallion. My plan is to order a few more of these little connecting charms that I can use to add a little surprise to each of my pieces. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I hope it's a creative one and thanks for stopping by!


  1. As always beautiful work! I love the yellow bird bracelet, such vibrant colours and interesting textures!

  2. Wow, wow! I love each and every one! They are beautiful and out of the box! I adore the beaded beads, and the use of fibers!

  3. Wow, you've been quite busy! Soo many gorgeous creations! I love the colors especially in Short Trip to China. The red and turquoise really compliment each other and it's so eye catching!

  4. All of your pieces are beautiful! I especially like the first one. The cabochon/bead in the emboidered pendant together with the leaf - so goregous!! And you are so right about the cinnabar and turqoise.. finally I understand what cinnabar is all about! :)

  5. All the pieces are beautiful, but the blue and white has a special one of a kind look to it. Nice job.

  6. all beautiful pieces! i especially love the first two.

  7. Beautiful bead work as the turquoise and red.