Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not quite airmail...

I smiled yesterday when I opened my newsletter account to find that about 20 more people had signed up for the newsletter!
I'm pretty sure everyone wanted the free pattern to the stars, though maybe it was just the opportunity to get mail from me! ;)
Either way, I'll be re-sending the newsletter this afternoon, so if you'd like to get the free pattern from the little stars seen in the post below, please go ahead and sign up to the right, and it will be in your inbox this afternoon (along with your Mother's Day coupon!).

Oh, and if you've ever wondered about my tutorials, I use the same illustration process for all my tutorials, obviously the actual PDF files are definitely more detailed and I include photo images, but the illustrations are the same.
Also, thanks for all your sweet comments on the bangle.
I'm working diligently to get a few new things in the shop with Mother's Day in mind.
I also have definitely not put the tutorial making on the back burner and next week I intend to work a little on some new designs.
Thanks for your support in all its many forms!
Have a great day!

Oh, by the way, any requests in terms of new designs/tutorials? I'm thinking a pendant design. What do you think?

O, tambien, les queria decir a mis amigos que reciben mi e-mail, pero que hablan espanol....las instrucciones estan en ingles...pero si tienen duda, me pueden enviar su pregunta a esta direccion: abney_m(at)


  1. Oh yes a pendant!!! I have been so crazy with life I missed your newsletter link. I would have loved to be the first as you know I love your stuff. I will try to keep up with the program now.

  2. How about a Mosaic Tile tutorial. Also, last year(?)you had a bracelet in your shop briefly that had cream seeds, blue-green seeds and 4mm. It was beautiful. I would love a tutorial of that one! Maybe I can find it in your archives and point it out.

  3. I'd love to know how to make beaded beads, especially the ones of yours that Jen Judd wrote about a year ago. They're so awesome!