Saturday, April 2, 2011

Margie and Me: March Yellow

I started working on this Margie and Me last week and I was definitely glad for the extra week!
The first color palette was this one, the high fashion Jonathon Saunders.

I created this embroidered pendant to go with the palette.
That's an Elaine Ray ceramic bead hanging below the pendant.
I wrapped it like a briolette and just strung it on to the pendant before I completed it.

 Here's a shot of me wearing it. The beads that look "red" in the photo are actually a dark brown, but they never photograph that way, and I don't know why!
It's listed here in my shop if you'd like to see more photos.

The second palette was the Sower with the Setting Sun and this was a little more challenging.

But, just to see if it worked, I wanted to try to use my La Catedral Beadwoven Bangle pattern to create a ring. Well, it worked and let me tell you this ring is very chunky, but the pattern works perfectly for rings, you just have to make the necessary size adjustments.

I also created a little nesting necklace for Mother's Day.
I call it the Mother's Nest.  
I'll be listing it in the shop later today!

This ring started out as my Margie and Me for this month, and the colors kind of morphed into something a little darker. I call it Dark Nebula and it's also in my shop.

Last but not least, I also listed this in the shop. I created it earlier in the week. It's a variaton on my Arte Deco Cuff Tutorial. It's a pendant on a long chain and it features copper tila beads and black matte bugles. I call it Copper Ladder Pendant and it's in the shop here.

Okay, some last things!
1. You've still got until tomorrow night to enter my giveaway!
2. Also, I'm going through my shop and labeling some of my items "last chance". Those items will be removed permanently from my shop on Monday. So, if you'd like to grab something early for Mother's day, be sure and check out the shop!
By the way, the coupon code in the giveaway post is good for jewelry as well as tutorials!
(And for those of you who are newsletter subscribers, your coupon code is good for all items in my shop as well!)

Oh, and if you created a Margie and Me this month, please feel free to leave a link in the comments so that we can see your creation!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love the La Catedral Beadwoven Bangle ring! I love chunky rings! The Mother's Nest necklace is fabulous and the Ladder pendant is sharp!

  2. Oh, Marcie, those are just beautiful! Everything is just wonderful and exceptionally beautiful! I love your new combinations of wirework and beadwork, it really adds another dimension. I'm sorry I couldn't participate in Margie and Me this time, but I'll do my best to join the next one!

  3. Oh my your creations are all so lovely! I especially love the first piece. The colors turned out beautiful and the briolette is gorgeous!

    Here's my take on the Van Gogh inspiration...

    Thanks for the great challenge/inspiration! Had fun making my piece!

  4. Gorgeous pieces Marcie! I am loving that Dark Nebula ring - so rich in color!
    Here's my take on one of the palettes:

  5. You know Marcie, that's the big problem with your stuff....I can't pick a favorite! All of them are stunning. Love the Margie and Me pieces, but that Dark Nebula is just outstanding!
    Here is my Challenge piece:

  6. I love all your work - and the Dark Nebula one is really cool - I love purple :-)

  7. OMG! Stunning, stunning, stunning, and stunning!