Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Snowing...

Unless you've lived in Southeastern NC and spent the past five Christmases in flip flops and capri pants, you cannot understand how excited I am. Now, granted, it's a day late, but I think that's because we had to share the snow with the rest of the country before it could get to us, so Merry White Christmas guys!

picture by netbros

Okay, now down to business....
First of all, I'll bet you'll NEVER guess what I got for Christmas. Yep, that's right bead money, so here's the deal. My sketchbook is FULL of new ideas and new color palettes and I'm looking forward to creating some new designs, but I have got to get this old stuff out of here.
So, I've taken 40% off of everything you see here:
I've never cut my prices this low, but this stuff has gots to go to make room for some new beauties. These prices are only good until Jan. 1, after that, they are gone, gone, gone...
You can visit my sale section here (which now looks like it ate too much pecan pie over the break).

Also, I hope y'all are still hard at work on Margie and Me. I finished mine yesterday and while I'm  not in the running for the grand prize, I really, really likes my creation.
Don't forget...
- get your entry to me by the 28th (anytime that day is fine). Send it to my e-mail: abney_m(at)
- You can blog about your entry anytime after the 30th! It's gonna take me a while to put together the entries, so we'll set the voting date for the 30th.
Finally, enjoy this....


  1. I love Straight No Chaser! We are getting the snow here in Upstate NY today, too!

  2. I've just made a purchase!!! I am so excited...I've had my eye on that Pumpkin Patch bracelet ever since you made it!

    Trying to get my Margie and Me piece finished too...


  3. Margie and Me piece is ready, just got to get my camera. Left it with my parents accidentally. :-(
    We got lots of snow here. And I mean LOTS!

  4. I can't wait to see what you make this coming year!