Saturday, December 11, 2010

Because there aren't enough of these in the world...

I've now made it so that you, my dear fellow creators can add to the madness! Mwuhahaha! The tutorial for my Bead Woven Medallion Pendant is DONE!
I've given you the colorways to create this pendant in the Mosaic Turquoise version and also in a lovely lavender version (of which there is no picture because the sun conveniently forgot to make an appearance in Southeastern NC today).
You can get the tutorial here.

This is the same version that I created in the Venus of Urbino colors.

Made this version and sold it and my sister almost killed me.

Picasso Jasper (because know...)

Like buttah...

Hot Lava...yo' mama....

Marshmallows in your cocoa? By the way, in order to celebrate the new tutorial release, I'm putting this one on sale just for today! That's right, $10 off this beauty and it'll hit the post office first thing on Monday so's it'll be in yo' mailbox in time for Christmas!
Now, I know I promised you a picture of the prizes for the Margie and Me contest winners, and I had every intention of doing that, but like I said, the sun just did not come up in my town so I'll put off the pics of the prizes until tomorrow. But, I would just like to say that I talked to a certain someone who wrote a certain book that I happen to reference A LOT and she agreed to throw a little something into the pot! (Hehe!)
I also made this little collage for the contest. Feel free to grab it and link back to the main page for the throwdown which is here. I put mine on the side of my blog up top by my name. Pretty cool, huh?

See ya' tomorrow!


  1. I think these are gorgeous! I love buttah, and the first one too! The key is finding these beautiful beads like you have. I love those matte finish seed beads and all the pattern in your rounds!

  2. Ooh, thanks for the collage! I'm gonna put it up as my desktop background for inspiration.