Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They ought to call it Crack Jasper...

Because that's how hard I'm hooked on the stuff. I just bought a long strang of Picasso Jasper teardrops, so guess what you guys are gonna be seein' more of in the coming weeks? :)
This first necklace I'm calling Pumpkin Patch. After making this necklace a few weeks back, I wanted to make something else that was just as dainty.
Yes, I really am this white. I even tried to warmify and raise the color temp on this picture to make me look like I have been outside once or twice in the past 10 years, but it wasn't working, so you can just call me Snow Scary-White. 
But, the point is, how cute is this little beauty? 

More jasper, this time African Jasper in these Adobe Bobby Pins.

I also created another version of my Persian Ring in some great autumn colors inspired by an old argyle sweater. It's here in my shop.

Sorry I've been so quite lately, but I was literally gone all weekend. BUT...I did get some amazing goodies from some beady buddies of mine who did a trade with me for some rings.
Elisabeth sent me the biggest bunch of STONES...oh, whatever will I do with those. ;)

And Amy sent me the coolest lentil beads with a ton of little stone rounds thrown in and some daggers which I've been wanting to play around with for a while. THANK YOU LADIES!
 Oh, and my Margie and Me piece? DONE! Yep, worked super hard and finished it on Saturday! So now, I can't wait until this Saturday to show you what it looks like!
Enjoy your Tuesday. Mine is gonna be busy!
See y'all back here tomorrow for Artists Answer. You're gonna love who I've got lined up for mañana!
Oh, yeah....voting has started for the Etsy Beadweavers' Team. If you've got a moment vote here.


  1. Oh that is some addictive crack you got there Scary Snow White! don't you worry though because if I took pics on me it would be blinding how white I am!
    That necklace is AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Hermoso collar, la combinacion de colores es fantastica! Además las horquillas de cabello lucen geniales.. saluditos =D Maika

  3. I love this necklace you made!Really gorgeous...your work blows me away!

  4. Este collar es una verdadera maravilla. Besos

  5. *envying the pretty stones from afar!*
    That turquoise looks so yummy :)

    I love the pumpkin patch necklace, it's really cute


  6. I know how it is to fall hard for a particular stone (right now I'm big on labradorite), technique, or idea; it just fires you up and keeps you creating.

    Can't wait for the unveiling/new challenge this Saturday!