Sunday, September 12, 2010

Margie and Me - The Badlands (Finally!)

I went for a definitely more de-saturated version of the Badlands. I was really inspired by that yellowy-mustard color that Margie has as the main color in this palette, and I just knew...knew...what stones I wanted to use.
I've had these great Ocean Jasper beads lying around for a while, so I lined 'em up and created another bead embroidered bangle. I call this one Hard Fall.
It makes use of the most intense colors from the Badlands.

I had some real difficulties with the three center stones. I tried three times to lay them out and finally settled on the order that you see here. I tried to keep the color palette simple. I think that's the key to making a bead embroidered cuff that's not too uncomplicated color scheme and similar finishes to the beads. In this case they were all matte or opaque, I tried to stay away from AB finishes or completely transparent beads. I think it turned out pretty good.
And like my other one, I'll probably be constantly trying to find excuses to wear this one.

Hard Fall is in my shop if you'd like to see some photos of the sides.

Also, guess what else happened yesterday?? I reached 100 sales! I almost fell out of my chair. The big winner? Madame Venus. She and two other beauties went to one lucky, lovely, lady who I'm sure is gonna enjoy them (and the little gift that I'm sending her as a surprise for being my 100th sale!)

Okay, now's the time when I send you off to see the other people who played along with me this week, and would you believe it, there were TWO of them!
This is another one of those fall-out-of-my-chair moments.
Check out...

Thanks chicas for playing with me and I'm so glad that you found the Badlands inspiring!
New Margie and Me tomorrow!

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  1. That is totally BA in the Badlands! You rocked this one for sure!