Friday, September 10, 2010

Just one of those days....

...ya' know when you start getting all questioning why you're even selling your jewelry when your sales are really slow and and it's been a while since you've sold a tutorial. And then you stop yourself realizing that that voice has no place here and you DO NOT value what you do based on a number on a screen, but based on the joy that it brings people. My sisters for one who have a never-ending supply of fresh jewelry! But, also this wonderful customer, Tess, who purchased my Carnaval Pendant Tutorial and whipped up this fall beauty.  

And then said that my tutorial "covered each step with both well-written instructions in addition to extremely detailed drawings that took all the guesswork away and made for a successful project". Thank you. It made yesterday not so ordinary!

I also created a treasury for this week's Badlands Inspiration. It's got that wonderful rust color and some olive with mustard thrown in. I call it "Rusty Olives".

It's also time to vote for your favorite Bollywood Bling on the EtsyBeadweaver's monthly challenge. (Before you click that link, you might want to rest your chin on your desk so that when your mouth falls open you don't bruise the underside of your chin.)

My last news that's just great is that I was accepted into the Indie Fixx Galleria for this fall. I was so interested to see what Jen chose as my front picture. I like this pendant, but it's interesting how I've had a lot of people say that they LOVE it. I guess it's all in they eye of the beholder.

Okay, one last thing...I've been listening to this song a lot lately, and it's guaranteed to get you up and movin'. Later!


  1. Marcie!
    I love your stuff and would love you to keep it up! I am very sad that I have been unable to buy any thing as of yet but that doesn't mean I don't love it! Your work is unique and special and anyone who does get the ability to buy them will have a true treasure! I will let you know when time is permitted I will be adding a spot to my blog for my favorite artists and their shops in the hopes that I will be able to direct people to you! Please don't lose heart!


  2. Marcie ~ Congrats on your addition to the fall Indie Fixx Galleria ~ your passion for beading truly shows in your finished products! I'm still doing my happy dance after completing your awesome Carnaval Pendant tutorial and I'm so flattered you posted it. The project was fast, fun and FABULOUS -- it doesn't get any better than that!! ;o}
    ~ Tess ~