Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out with the with the new...

Bought a butt load of beads yesterday which means I'll be making new stuff, which probably means I'll be getting rid of some of the old stuff in my shop.
Which means if you like it...then you shoulda put a ring on it..or well, at least you probably ought to grab it up, because it might be gone by next weekend.
And, if it's red or green, it's 10% least until tonight, when I change all those prices back to normal.
I've been wearing these three a lot lately....I'm not really sure why...

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  1. Hey Marcie, thanks for your comment on my blog - I only wanted to let you know that you came in 9th on my list :). I was not really talking about you. But I still enjoy your comments. I wanted to start a carnival pendant so badly yesterday, but my boyfriend is sick and he refused to watch the baby. I can do some wire stuff sitting on the couch, but for seed beads, I thought I'd wait another day and use my kitchen table. If I ever get it done, I will show you what I made. thanks again.