Monday, July 26, 2010

Margie and Me - On hold...

I've decided to skip this week with Margie. (I hope she's not mad!)
I went to Raleigh this weekend and brought back quite a haul of beads, so I think I'm gonna go with the inspiration that my new colors is bringing me.
For some reason last week's Margie and Me challenge wasn't fun, I felt constrained, and that's not creative at all.

The first thing I brought back were some toggles from Elaine Ray. I really love wearing this necklace and I wanted one in some softer colors so I bought these two toggles for that purpose. I don't know if that necklace will ever sell, it's hard to translate how nice it feels to wear in a picture, but I often find myself picking out my outfit around it.
Seed beads. (of course)
Little faceted czech glass. I'm a seed beader, so everything I bought was small. I learned my lesson about buying big beads (hence the destash shop).

Gemstone rounds in some lovely autumn shades.
This is what I finished on Sunday...
The first is a new ring, Ring in the Fall. After wearing this ring all day Saturday, I learned a little about how to make these rings hold up better under use, and so this new one has reinforced stitching and it's orange! (Where are ya' Jenn?)
I also created this necklace, I call it Chasing Birds. It's a lovely light sea green color and sports tiny beaded beads and little brass birds. If you'd like to see more pics, you can go to the listing. Well, I'm off to play with my new beads... :)


  1. Marcie it looks like you had a wonderfully productive weekend. I love everything here! The colors are terrific-really diggin' the turquoise and coppers. Chasing birds is just beautiful, those beads you made-incredible!!

  2. I love the necklace - really dig the colors!

  3. Elaine Ray toggles are the best! I made a necklace with really chunky sodalite and put the toggle to the side.

    You did great on the ring!

  4. Your little comment about buying bigger beads made me laugh. I have also been along that road and now have a rather large selection of beads I will pass on at some point. Why fight it, we love our little, tiny weeny beads :0)

  5. Your beading is spectacular! Really beautiful! I am always buying and still never have enuf lol...need to plant those money tree seeds...

  6. I sound like a broken record: I love your ring, and love your necklace too. But they are just too gorgeous.

  7. I really love this new style of ring, Marcie...tres chic! The autumnal tones of Ring in the Fall are wonderfully warm, and for someone who isn't a fan of orange, you've done very well ;-) Nice stash of beads there, I can't wait to see what you create next!

  8. These pieces are so beautiful! I really love the ring, and am very drawn to matte seed beads! These are gorgeous!