Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beadweaver's Challenge and a Giveaway

The challenge for this month was to Bead the Breeze. I found this particulary hard considering that one cannot see the wind, only the effects of the wind, so...I decided what better effect than a butterfly which is so light that it's easily carried away by a simple breeze.
Here's my entry, it's a bead embroidered headband.

I spent most of my airplane time workin' on this, and I will say that it helped the time go by immensely.
It's made using size 11 seed beads of various sky-appropriate colors and I used some little teal semi-precious teardrops that I found at my local bead store to make the butterfly. I like the butterfly a lot and I can see that little cutie showin' up in some more designs. (Hhhhmm...maybe a pendant)

It's a stretchy headband backed with black ultrasuede so it's comfortable and stays in place. I wore it while I made dinner tonight and it felt great, and I just knew that I looked great cookin' tacos. It's in my Etsy store now if you'd like to see some more pictures and read more about the EBWC challenge.
Oh, and in other news, I'm having a giveaway!! I reached 400 fans on my Facebook fan page and it made me very happy, so I've decided to giveaway one of my Tidepool Rings. If you win, I'll make you a ring in your size and in a color scheme that you choose. Head on over to my Facebook page to enter.

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  1. wao wao me encanta, fascinante, felicidades, es una vincha bellisima, yo he estado intentando hacer unas pero se me quedan atrĂ¡s lejos al lado de esta, muy bella!!