Thursday, March 11, 2010

She get it from her mama....part 2

Last year, I showed you a picture of my super-talented mother's take at a tile mosaic table. I thought I'd share some more mama's work wit' ya'. On today's agenda...flower arrangements. She likes to do, she likes to do a lot of these. Hasn't been as common lately, but I still have fond childhood memories of a dining room table buried in dried flowers and hot glue gun strings that stretched the length of the dining room. This is the flower arrangment on the mantle.

I like this set up and as I look at it, I realize how cheaply we put it together. The plates were cheapies bought from Homegoods, the candlesticks too, and we got the flowers and the planter at Old Time Pottery.

Here's the up-close with some better lighting. It's very earthy and I actually like the orange. (I normally HATE orange)
In other news, I tried a new resin project last night that I was so excited about and woke up this morning to find that the resin had leaked out of the edges that I had carefully covered with tape following manufacturer's suggestions. Argh. So, I'm gonna pick myself up and find a way to salvage this. Argh. Start over from step one and try not to get too angry. Argh. Clean up my mess and squash my desire to throw the whole thing in the trash. Argh. Oh, did I mention, argh?


  1. Running out of glue sticks wouldn't have stopped your mama, so a little leaky resin can't stop you!!! ARGH!!! haaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Argh!!!! You know what we say around here? Try! Tri--ceratops! ;-) He he, I have kids.

    I had a really bad spell the past 2 weeks with days wasted on pouring molds, but you know, the third time is the charm. (hopefully for you the second) Conquer it Marcie!