Friday, January 29, 2010


The task is to write about beginnings, but its hard when the world is asleep. I look outside and see the mark that winter has left on the earth....the crunchy, brown grass, the trees that have forfeited their leaves to the winter wind, the bare wisteria vine that clings to the side of the house. Nature does not speak of beginnings just now.

Tree of Life Pendant from ccvalenzo

Just now, we are far from the green trees that spread their leaves in summer and offer shade to the hottest parts of the yard. The insects and animals have gone into hiding to escape the cold and I miss the birds and the butterflies. We still see the occasional deer but not nearly as often and only one or two instead of the families of six that normally roam the woods.

Stoneware Butterfly Pendant from Every Heart Crafts

All of life seems hidden, waiting for that perfect moment when the cycle can begin anew and things can start to live and breathe again. The moment when the earth is tired of being dead and instead starts to bring forth life.

Acorn Bead from Loriola

But even as I sit and write this, I feel overwhelmed with the enormity of life. I'm up and awake and going through my normal routine, but across town in a hospital bed my sister is cuddling a brand new baby, a beginning while the world is in the middle of all its endings. It still seems surreal.
Sweetest Little Birdnest Pottery Pendant by SweetPea Cottage

I am wondering where in the world I'm going to put him in my heart. His older brother and sister have already taken permanent residence, and so now I scoot them over just a little to squeeze in a third. And, of course, I think about the future...what will I do when I have my own?! How many can a heart truly hold? I mean, truly...not friends or family who pass in and out of your life, but the people who will be there forever, who will stand around you when you are old and care for you when you can no longer do it.

Good Morning Butterfly Pendant by toofabulous

So, today, I am thinking about life and about cocoons opening to reveal their secrets while the rest of the world is asleep. Yesterday was a beginning right in the middle of all these endings, and I'm looking forward to it.
There's a certain uncertainty about the whole thing, a certain fear and curiosity that comes with not knowing, not knowing what the future will bring, or what tomorrow will hold. But then again, I think, maybe, that that is what beginnings are for.


  1. Wonderful post. Beautiful pics. great job.

  2. Great post. I am sure the new baby will find a place in your heart as soon as you hold him in your arms.

  3. son precioso Abney,sobre todo me gusta mucho el del árbol.

  4. Great pictures, love the treasures.

  5. A truly thoughtful post, it's just beautiful and perfect for "beginnings."



  6. Such a nice post, and enjoyed the pictures as well.

  7. a very thoughtful post. enjoy falling in love with the new little one in your life. They have a way of making room in our hearts and expanding what we understand as uncondtional love. A new life surrounded by love is a very beautiful beginning.

  8. Such a poetic post! There is definitely a "certain uncertainty" to becoming a parent. And there is always room for more. I remember 9 years ago this Friday, I was wondering if my heart had room for another little one. And there she was, perfect and beautiful and huge and stinky and heavy and adorable. And there is room. Like the heart grew four sizes that day. There is room enough for all. What a beautiful story of begininnings. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

  9. Hi Marcie, you know your writing is just as inspiring as your beadwork, you are truely a multitalented individual. How nice to have a new life in your family....there is truely nothing as wonderful as holding that warm sweet bundle in your arms, and you know as well as I do that there is always more room in your heart because we continualy give love away which in turn creates more room to add someone else to love....lucky you!