Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tip Wednesday: Take it with you when you go.

Okay, the title for this post comes from an experience that I had yesterday at the bead store. Let me set up the situation for you. I was working on a bracelet project and had come to the end of the tube of red size 11's that I was using. I was out with my mom, and I told her that I needed to run into the bead store really quickly and grab another tube of red beads.
While I was in the bead store I was faced with a dilemma in the form of about six different colors of red! In the back of my mind I could hear my aunt saying, "You know, the human mind cannot remember color." She told me this a long time ago, and I never believed her until yesterday.
Do you see that? Yeah, uh-huh, those are two completely different shades of red. It's a shame too, the one on the right is the color that I've conveniently run out of and the one on the left is the beautiful new color I have which doesn't match my current project at all! I decided to Google this phenomenon and sure enough came up with this article which talks about this very thing. Who knew?
So, to explain the title of this post, and my tip for today... the next time you need to match a color, you should definitely take the old color with you when you go! Have a great day Wednesday!

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