Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bloggin' Again

Here's what I've been working on lately. I know the colors are a little dark, but it matches a brown sweater that I have with a black pattern on it. The more I look at the pattern, the more it reminds me of an anchor...hhhmmm...may have to work this one up later in nautical colors. My favorite thing about this bracelet is those little round gemstones between the patterns, they fit perfectly, and give a little interest to the bracelet. I'm really enjoying making it.
Lastly, I wanted to show y'all a picture of the birthday girl. This is my niece Dodie, she turned 1 on October 20th. What a cutie! In this picture she has her Donald Trump hair. (that's what we call her post-bath comb over!)
I'd like to also thank Mellisa and Leann for your sweet comments from my last post, I'm definitely feeling better and getting over my creative slump. Thanks for your encouragement. Have a great weekend, I'm attending a dance showcase today at the studio where I take lessons, we'll see if I can't get you some good pictures for Monday! Que tengan buen fin de semana!

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