Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Matters of the Heart

Wow, what a weekend it has been for me. Late Friday night my mom woke me up saying that she was having chest pains. We rushed her to the emergency room where we found out that she had had a mild heart attack. They ran a few tests, and kept her there until Monday afternoon. We found out that she has a problem with one of the main veins coming from the heart. It is about half the size that it should be. The doctor said that it was a birth defect and that there is nothing that they can do. Because of this, she runs high blood pressure, and that's what caused the chest pains and heart attack. She's home now and doing absolutely fine. I stayed with her three nights in the hospital, and seeing someone you love so dearly go through something like that is so difficult in mind, body, and spirit. I am so glad that she is home safe and healthy. To top it all off her birthday was yesterday and my relatives came down to see us, so all in all we've had a loooong weekend, and I'm glad it's over.

One of the happy parts was coming home on Monday and receiving this gift in the mail from my friend in Puerto Rico, Mari. I won the little felt flowers in a giveaway on her blog, but I was totally not expecting the bangle. It is beautiful and almost too pretty to wear! Thanks, Mari, these "regalitos" really brightened my day!

Also, here's some new stuff that I finished (on Thursday!). This is a cuff that I call "Maiz". For those of you that don't know, that means "corn" in Spanish and it reminds me of an ear of Indian corn. It's very cute, and I have some plans for this cuff, so stay tuned!

Lastly, a pendant for my sister with one of Lawatha's cabochons.

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