Friday, July 17, 2009

I love challenges, swaps, giveaways, etc...

I just wanted to say thanks to Kristie Roeder of Artisan Clay. She just sent me a box full of wonderful things from the Creative People are Adventurous Challenge. I was so excited to receive her things and I set right to work creating a bracelet with one of the connectors that she sent me. Here it is and if you want to see the other things that she sent me, check out the link to her blog that I posted above. She has some really great things.

Also, I finished another bracelet design that I've been working on. My mom calls it Cerulean Turbulence, I kinda like Cerulean Waves, I think it's a little easier to pronounce!

Enjoy your day! It's beautiful outside and we're going out later to enjoy the air and sunshine, if it's gorgeous where you're at, I hope you get to do the same!


  1. Both so pretty. Personally, I like turbulence and I love that pattern.

  2. Me fascina la pulsera de turbulence. Esta hermosa. Es otra de tus bellezas en peyote circular? La verdad que me encanta. Es justo mi gusto en joyeria. La combinacion de colores es excelente!!!