Monday, November 30, 2015

A paperback...

Has it really been over two months since my fingers tip-tapped over a keyboard instead of swiping a cell screen? I haven't forgotten I assure you.
I can pinpoint the culprit.
I know it's not intentional, it's just become habit, the phone travels with, house, car. It's easy to snap and go.

But, even though I try to write the story on a phone screen and copy and paste the true meaning, it doesn't seem as big or as important as it does here with these giant words and even bigger pictures.

There are also the stories.
I've relegated the meaning behind my pieces to listing descriptions and stopped keeping them here as a kind of journal of the journey.
I've actually started reading more, real, actual books and I've re-awakened a love of history that has always been deep in my bones.

You would think that all of this would spur me to write more, but it doesn't, I find instead the words in the stroke of a saw.
It's a problem, really, because I'm so wrapped up in the story behind the pieces that I can't accept the failure to sell as just the passing over of a monetary expenditure and instead interpret it as the rejection of what I see as my life's memoir.

What's the magic?
Why is one story better than the other?
What happens when you see stories that overlap and can't understand why everyone doesn't realize they're reading the same thing, and calling it by different names?
Is wanting to be different even worth it?

I feel like a paperback at the library.
Stuck in those little spinning merry-go-round shelves while the real books get jackets and bookends and, well...dusted.
I feel dusty and my head hurts from spinning.

Keep writing, I say to myself...
You may be a paperback, but they're lightweight and easy to carry,
and isn't that what you want to be anyway?
Oh, and also, the hardcovers don't get to be you, until they've sold a million copies...


  1. I love how you discribe your work as your life's memoir, thats how I see mine too, long after we are gone our work will still be around! But how utterly heart breaking that you see an item not selling as a rejection, when in reality it's forever home has just not yet been found, some times it's a waitting game, to find the perfect owner that will love the piece as much as you do, not a rejection at all! Your are not a paperback you are a handmade beautifully bound one of a kind treasure as is your jewellery!!! Have a great day x

  2. I think Niky stated it perfectly. Each piece is just waiting for the perfect person to come along and claim it as theirs. Mom and I keep telling ourselves that - and it does happen. There will be a piece we have had for several years - we swear we will tear it apart at the end of the show season - and then the person who was meant to be appears and finds their perfect piece.
    The person for your pieces are out there - they are just waiting to find you and your magnificent pieces.
    Keep telling us the stories in your work - I love reading about them on Instagram.
    I have also being negligent on the blog writing - I love writing - but it just seems so much easier to post it directly to Instagram - it is posted and done.
    Thank you again for sharing your stories!

  3. I think Niky and EB have really captured it perfectly! Your work has poetic magic to it, don't ever think that that's not abundantly evident in every word and picture that you share. Patience is often needed when your pour your heart and souls into each creation!