Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reaching Higher

Have I ever actually told you that I'm most comfortable making rings, or did you just figure it out by looking through my shop which makes it look like I've pretty much only got fingers and no neck?
My inspiration always takes the form of rings for whatever reason. I get an idea, I see a picture and my head finds a way to wrap the idea into a circle and my hands obey without thinking.
I'm wanting to change that, to become an artist who doesn't just think in terms of the finger, but who sees a larger picture, who can use silver and stone to paint a portrait around your neck....or even your wrist. I feel lopsided always making rings, like the old V8 commercials where everyone is always leaning.
These pieces have so much meaning to me, not only because I feel like I'm growing in my craft, but because I feel like I'm taking my inspiration and working it out in a larger more meaningful way.
This one is called The Thing with Feathers. Inspired by the Emily Dickinson poem and my attempt to capture the wings of hope in silver.  It features Carico Lake Turquoise on braided leather. I must say, the stories to these pieces are long and meaningful, and I won't rewrite them here, I've poured it out, each of them in the listing on my website, but it's been so long since I've stopped by and I come by here to talk about growth.

 This piece is reversible. That was important to me, I want my work to have layers of meaning, but also depth of material. This one was inspired by home, the forest around me, the ground beneath me. The malachite juxtaposed against the Montana agate, the depth of color.
This little piece sports the most amazing piece of Ocean Jasper I've ever nabbed.
The color on this one is deep and those little green spots have just a bit of druzy sparkle.
It was inspired by my Bring Down the Moon series.

I am however, most proud of these. The first set of bangles I've ever created. Inspired by the Resurrection Fern that grows around these parts on the live oaks. It's such a beautiful story of a plant that refuses to give in, coming back again and again despite the odds.
These tested my patience and my skills, demanding a whole new set up at my soldering station and patience the likes of which I've never had to tap into before.

These have the most beautiful clink and clank and was well worth the literal hours of frustration and work and re-work.

These are all currently available in my shop,, and I invite you to stop and read the story that goes with each. My heart goes into my work and I hope it comes back out when you see it. Fall is coming, and I'm looking forward to feeling it and living it and enjoying every minute with my family and seeing what kind of inspiration it brings.
I hope you're reading this and enjoying the place you're in as well.
Thank you so much for your support over the years, I couldn't build this without you.