Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Armor, My Shield

"Write what you know."
This is the advice they gave me in high school when we started the creative writing portion of my high school English class.
I'm proud of these silver shields.
I feel like I know them.
They take me back to Sir Gawain, to Arthur and Lancelot. I feel like I'm watching Ladyhawk again or Joan of Arc. More recently, I'm reading Tolkien, or T.H.White, or George R. Martin.
I didn't live in medieval Europe, but that day that we walked through Westminster Abbey, I felt like I could have.
This ring was the first born of the collection. The sword represents justice, and also honor while the antlers represent strength.
The aventurine is rose cut, so as you're wielding that sword, you'll see a bit of flash as the stone catches the light.

The cut out sword is also on the inside of the band, a hidden detail that only you will see.
The Moon and the Stag came next, the moon representing serenity. I like the beautiful combination of strength and serenity represented by the two images together. I chose the dark lapis to float above the moon.
And included the moon on the band.


These are two smaller rings inspired by the heater shields and sporting small rose cut stones.
This ring has the sash or bend, to signify protection and the amethyst.

This one is a simple double heater shield with a smoky quartz.
Two shields to keep with you always.

All rings, currently in the shop.
And to those of you following this journey of mine who've left me a comment or a note of encouragement, whether here, or Facebook, or Instagram.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I know I can't always respond, but I do read and it means so much. 


  1. Marcie they are just wonderful. I love them. Would you ever make them in a larger size? My fingers are big :-)

  2. I love this new venture of yours so much!