Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tutorial Sale!!

I am very excited to be published for the first time this year in a real book.
I know there are a ton of great artists showcased in this edition of Lark's 500 series and I'm honored to be a part.
(Wanna know a secret? I saw this book last week at my Barnes and Noble and I'm pretty sure they were a little early putting it on the shelves!)

Well to celebrate, I've decided to offer the tutorials for the three pieces that I have in the magazine at 50% off their normal price.

La Catedral is probably my best selling tutorial to date, and I can't blame the buyers. It's my favorite to wear and to make and once you get the hang of it, you'll want one in every color.

My Queen's Crown Bracelet Tutorial also made it into the book, and I think this one is particularly appropriate considering the Olympics are being held in Her Majesty's London this year.
This one is a great way to use up the pile of bugle beads that we all have lying around.

Last but not least, Tumbling Tiles.
This one uses LOTS of Tila beads, so grab a tube and get going.

This sale only lasts for two days so spread the word to your bead buddies!!
If you're planning on making Christmas presents this year, it's never too early to start!
I'll be in and out of the house today, but I'll send out your tutorial by the end of the day for sure if I don't get to it immediately.

Thanks for all your support again and I do hope you'll check out Lark's new book, it's a very inspiring trip through the world of beads.
Enjoy your Tuesday! 


  1. You are totally not going to believe this but I was planning to get me the La Catedral this morning! This is just to funny! I was waiting for 2 sales of my tute so I could get it! Yay!!!!!

  2. Enhorabuena por aparecer en ese libro pero sin duda te lo mereces!!! tus trabajos son fantásticos!!

  3. You should update the picture in your shop for the La Catedral to the one in this post. I've overlooked the tutorial before, but those colors really highlight the details of the pattern.

  4. It's been a while since I've stopped by here. You are so talented and deserve any accolades you receive.

    Thank you so much for stopping by to see my BSBP reveal and taking time to leave a comment. I sincerely appreciate it. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.