Monday, July 16, 2012

An Argument for the Attempt

He knew as much about woodworking as I did about beadweaving.

Nevertheless, I picked up a needle and a thread and he picked up a planer and a few planks.
His first attempts were small and sweet and yet, when we moved and needed a table for the patio, he offered to make what we couldn't afford.

He said the word "mahogany" and I of course, had my doubts....

all of which were quickly laid to rest...

Turns out, they use mahogany to build ships.

Sturdy, weatherproof and handmade by my better half.
One to pass down to the generations.


  1. Marcie, that is sooooo impressive! You've got yourself a very handy husband there. You're not wrong in saying that he knows woodwork as much as you do beadweaving! Well done to hubby!

  2. Holy cow, that's gorgeous! I see many al fresco dinners in your future!

  3. Wowser, I am impressed! That is a stunner of a table.

  4. That is just gorgeous. And the love you have your better half is evident. That is truly something to pass down. Enjoy the day! Erin