Monday, June 28, 2010

Margie and Me - Lady of the Lake

Okay, this post has a lot going on...
Margie and Me:
This week I've chosen #18 Lady of the Lake. Margie says "This array of clear greens, both warm and cool, casts a mesmerizing spell especially when embellished with accents of silver." I think this picture is a perfect representation of what Margie was trying to capture.

Persian Rugs Tutorial:
Yay! It's done! After much hard work, Persian Rugs Tutorial is finally available in my shop, and to celebrate, I'm listing it at the introductory price of $12 and taking $3 off the other tutorials in my shop which means that you can get a great price on Fire and Ice Cuffs and also on Royal Ring.
I also created a new colorway of the bracelet just to celebrate. It's a lighter more springy version of the bracelet using aventurine instead of the lime green jade.
Quantity vs. Creativity:
Okay, finally, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my post about Quantity vs. Creativity. It seemed like everyone agreed that doing what is in your heart should be the ultimate goal of an artist, but it was also interesting to hear from a couple of the artists who create components for other artists.
I was especially caught by what Shannon LeVart of MissFickleMedia said about the nature of what she does. As an artist who creates to help others create, her job is to follow the trends and keep up with what is hip and in right now. She also had a great point. This is not the job that provides for my family, and as such, I haven't had to worry about creating to fit into a trend or a current niche. I am able to create what I like or want without the added pressure of thinking about providing for my family with my creativity.
It's given me a lot of thought lately and I'm glad I was able to see it from another perspective. I still think the best summation comes from LeAnn, "...go with what speaks to you."
So...What speaks to you?


  1. Oh goodie another tutorial for my wish list!!!! This is such a pretty bracelet thank you~! And remember you do inspire with your creations and that only works if you are inspired to create!

  2. Thats really a Elegant pc! I admire the ones like you who take so much time! What eloquence your pc is!! What speaks to me? Lampworking. I will have to create all that I love and what is true to me. I will of course experiment to capture many essences.

  3. What fun you are having with "The Beader's Color Palette'! I am thrilled to see your "Margie & Me" series! (I saw your post about it on Marcia DeCoster's blog).

    I'd love to write about it in my newsletter, may I?

  4. Beautiful bracelets! I love both versions :)

  5. Bella pulsera y los colores son unos de mis favoritos!

  6. Oh, Good! You totally got what I was trying to say!

    I want to be completely different but what good is that if I'm starving while I do it? Right?